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When I am not updating my blog…

When I am not updating my blog..  things that I might be doing ..

  • Checking out million $$$$$ houses online (as if I can afford 1 if not 2)
  • Sitting at a beach and painting a Masterpiece
  • Out with girls and shopping till I spend each and every penny
  • If not out to malls ,  then online checking out all the designer stuff and planning to buy what and when
  • Sky diving and paragliding
  • Trying to keep myself busy with all sorts of social media and online marketing knowledge.
  • Posting and sharing stuff at Facebook and bugging my good friends
  • And sometimes trying to hide some stuff from my family on Facebook ( all thanks to custom settings.. hihihihi )
  • Out on a vacation to some gorgeous and scenic country … ” – – ” (dreamy eyes)
  • Working out atleast 5 hours a day …. (yea right … right???? )
  • Learning how to swim (in my dreams)
  • Planning my birthday for this and next year
  • Thinking, feeling and meditating (no point )…  Hopeless!!
  • Writing ,  and writing  and writing … whatever crap that I can think of
  • Trying to stay connected to the real world and update my brain cells with latest news and affairs via CNN (as if I am all for it .. hahh )
  • Pulling my hairs and wondering how some people have crazy amount of followers on Twitter.
  • On a continuous and repetitive journey to Central Perk with my very old friends : Joey,  Rachel , Chandler, Phoebe, Monica and Ross…
  • Out partying at 10 in morning till  3 in night ( I need 6 hours of my beauty sleep .and another hour to prepare and dress up for next party . lols)

Whats true and whats not …  I am not going to reveal that  … “wink wink”



Social Media Blog!

Finally the much awaited chance to write on and about social media is here.

Just started my new social media blog. Check it out at


Blog relating to Social Media: coming soon!!!

Dear Silent Visitors,

I am planning to come up with a new blog on Social Media, I know many of you visit my page and do not see anything worthy of your comments 🙂 (totally agreeable)

But it is my duty to let the new visitors and my old friends know that, currently I am working on launching my new blog which will include information on Social Media.

Once everything gets finalized (which will be pretty soon), I will update everything relating to it over here.

Meanwhile please keep visiting and drop me a line or two and please don’t shy away from giving your feedback or your ideas on or relating to Social Media content (or anything) .

Thanks a lot . I really appreciate your time and your efforts.

Tweet me @aditisarin

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