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Weekly photo challenge #1: Curiosity

As soon as I got to know Dailypost’s weekly photo challenge I was in!


Our own Santa Claus in a Marilyn Monroe pose, now if this isn’t curiosity I don’t know what else is 😀



Sketch#3. Silhouette sketch.

Tell me which one fits you best? 🙂


I have a stable!! :P

This happened 3-4 years ago. But whenever I recall that incident I cant stop laughing hysterically. (Actually I am still laughing) 😀

I went for grocery shopping one summer evening. Whenever summer arrives I prefer to make fresh juices at home rather than buying the ready-made sucrose syrups. Moreover nothing is better than the flavor of fresh oranges squeezed with beetroot , lemon, parsley and what not.

Ok, so I bought 2 big bags of Carrots, almost dozen navel oranges and other stuff to make juice. My turn came and there was this very cute guy standing at the counter and ringing the cash register.

I was lost in my thoughts and I was waiting for him to tell me the total so that I can get out of there (grocery shopping is the worst form of shopping lol)

Out of no where he asked: “Miss do you own horses?”

My thought process snapped and I said: “Umm, Horses? (For a second, my mind actually wondered if I have horses.. silly thought), Well not that I know of” . I ended up laughing and asked “Why did you ask, what made you come to that conclusion?”

With almost an insane cuteness he said: “Cause I  have never seen anyone buying so many carrots and oranges together”

There were some 5 people in the queue and they all started laughing hysterically. I said : “No I don’t have a horse but thanks anyway”

Even today whenever I make fresh juice I can’t stop laughing.


Jan 16th: Popcorn Prank.. etc

This post is dedicated to all the popcorn lovers out there.

As mentioned in my last post,  I simply love popcorn and I can’t share it with any one. If you are going to movies with me then please buy your own popcorn :). I like to relish it throughout the movie, therefore I eat mine slowly. If some one digs in my baggy, my blood pressure rises very quickly. I have no idea why it happens but just can’t tolerate it though if I am out with friends I will always remember my manners so I will share. 🙂

Oh this reminds me of couple of incidents….

I have a friend, once we went to watch a movie. When I asked her if she wants anything, before the movie starts, she said “No no I am good I don’t want anything to eat, you go ahead and get whatever you want”. She bought cold drink and I bought small popcorn and small drink. Out of courtesy I offered her mine and to my surprise she didn’t refuse. In fact throughout the movie she hogged on my popcorn. I was sitting with a smile on my face ,though deep inside my heart I was cursing her and I wanted to punch her so badly.  Same thing happened second time and third time I bluntly asked her to get her own popcorn. 🙂 Enough was enough. hehe.

Another incident that I can never forget.

We were some 6-7 girls and went to watch a movie. It happened years ago. Gosh, I don’t even remember which movie it was but I do remember the movie was very boring. For the first half we all kept on chatting and giggling. There was this group of 5-6 boys, sitting in the row ahead of us,  they kept on shushing us. With their every shush, we were getting more pissed. You know how it is when you are young, in university and want whole world to revolve around you, well . our egos were badly hurt. I got an idea and it turned out to be awesome. All of us had popcorn, we licked one popcorn at a time and then threw it lightly on the guys’ head. Popcorn got stuck in their hairs and we kept on showering their heads with popcorn. They kept on shushing us and we kept on giggling. Poor fellows just had no clue about our mischievous act. When the movie ended, we all went out side and one guy from their group started laughing at others and then suddenly all of them were laughing at each other . After couple of minutes they realized what had happened and immediately they shook their heads vigorously. Now we all were laughing.

We were standing right there, checking out their expressions,  when one guy  from that group turned towards us and gave us the cutest smile ever with a thumbs up.

Best movie experience EVER!

( I still remember his smile 🙂 )


Jan 12th: Staring at my wardrobe…

Story of my life is, I shop and shop and shop and then shop some more.  I take a look at my closet and see its all stuffed up with variety of apparels and accessories.

But I don’t understand why whenever I need to go out somewhere I don’t find anything good enough to wear.  Either all the clothes are too formal or they are too casual. When it is time to attend a casual or a formal event I find all of my clothes too bland. I have no clue why that happens.

Closets full of stuff and yet nothing to wear.  I guess its not just me, my friends and my cousins also have the same problem. We shop and shop and still when its time to wear something we always feel that we need more stuff. Is it because we are insanely addicted to shopping  or we want a new dress at every other outing.

Until recently I have never repeated a dress in any party or event in last 7 years,  well all thanks to some strategical thinking and over active aesthetic sense. I know how sad I was when I was literally unable to find anything to wear at a party,  resulting in repetetion of a dress. I need to move on but I am so hung up on this that I ended up writing about it.

May God bless all girls and shower us with lots of gorgeous dresses, skirts , tops , denims and accessories.  :):):)


Jan 5th Second blog of the year!

I am glad that I was able to go with my resolutions for the second day as well. It is better to take one day at a time.

Yesterday having 7 glasses of water was kind of torture. lols  🙂 Though I feel it was a good start but requires improvements.

Today was fine. I only had 4 glasses of water, keeping my fingers crossed that before hitting bed tonight I will be able to had atleast 3 more.  Oh the best part was when I played couple of memory games I got to know that memory is better than an average person. Haha now I don’t know how much of this is true, but I feel superb.

Finally got a chance to set up my Wii. Oh and what an amazing experience it was. I am not a video game buff but I simply love to play video games.  My Xbox was fun but I am sure i will be addicted to Wii. Ah cant wait for tomorrow when I will start with Wii Fit. Had so much fun experimenting with Mii Avatars. They were hilarious. Most hilarious part was when I actually tripped off the Wii fit’s board while I was doing a balancing act ..  lols

I still have to write details in my journal. 🙂 Aha no escaping .

I am so glad that I have some resolutions this year, probably they will make up for 2008 as well.  Oh and I did learn a new word today : Myrmidons” : which means “A Royal Follower”

Happy I was , when I was playing Super Mario but optimistic… hmmm ????

That is it for today.

When I am not updating my blog…

When I am not updating my blog..  things that I might be doing ..

  • Checking out million $$$$$ houses online (as if I can afford 1 if not 2)
  • Sitting at a beach and painting a Masterpiece
  • Out with girls and shopping till I spend each and every penny
  • If not out to malls ,  then online checking out all the designer stuff and planning to buy what and when
  • Sky diving and paragliding
  • Trying to keep myself busy with all sorts of social media and online marketing knowledge.
  • Posting and sharing stuff at Facebook and bugging my good friends
  • And sometimes trying to hide some stuff from my family on Facebook ( all thanks to custom settings.. hihihihi )
  • Out on a vacation to some gorgeous and scenic country … ” – – ” (dreamy eyes)
  • Working out atleast 5 hours a day …. (yea right … right???? )
  • Learning how to swim (in my dreams)
  • Planning my birthday for this and next year
  • Thinking, feeling and meditating (no point )…  Hopeless!!
  • Writing ,  and writing  and writing … whatever crap that I can think of
  • Trying to stay connected to the real world and update my brain cells with latest news and affairs via CNN (as if I am all for it .. hahh )
  • Pulling my hairs and wondering how some people have crazy amount of followers on Twitter.
  • On a continuous and repetitive journey to Central Perk with my very old friends : Joey,  Rachel , Chandler, Phoebe, Monica and Ross…
  • Out partying at 10 in morning till  3 in night ( I need 6 hours of my beauty sleep .and another hour to prepare and dress up for next party . lols)

Whats true and whats not …  I am not going to reveal that  … “wink wink”



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