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Moved on or not?

She was deeply madly in love with him. He made her feel special and she in turn showered him with love and then some more love. Life for her was suddenly very beautiful. She started enjoying rains like she never did before, started dreaming with open eyes and she knew they were meant to last forever.  He used to talk to her for hours, loved her, cared for her and dedicated a good amount of time to her.  She felt blessed for the day when they came across each other on Facebook. That tiny tiny little “poke” that you see on your Facebook home screen,  was their first connection. She woke up one morning and there it was from a random guy. She didn’t know him, so she took her time in poking back and sent him a message asking if they knew each other.  That was the beginning of something unimaginable.

Time was suddenly on fast track, their phone conversation of few seconds transitioned into hours and hours of magical words, even then they couldn’t have enough of each other.  They had been talking on phone for several months now and it was time to meet in person.  Desperation was overwhelming and they were aching to be with each other. Finally that evening arrived, they went for a long drive and everything was amazing. Lots of butterflies were tickling her thoughts,  she knew she was ready. He made her feel like his queen. After dinner he took her to his place and the whole night was spent in sheer bliss and pure passion for each other.

Morning arrived and she woke up with a smile on her face only to find an empty space next to her. He was standing in the far end of the room, getting ready. She could see the look on his face, something was missing. After sometime both of them were sipping their cups of coffee. Neither said anything. She was scared to utter even a single word as she knew things have changed. He dropped her to her place, without saying anything to her, sat in his car and zoomed away. She absolutely had no idea what went wrong, thinking she might be over reacting she dialed his number.

It took her a year, lots of tears and un-returned calls to move on from that day. The day could easily be defined as her “Most Unforgettable and Most Horrible Day” at the same time. Finally she was moving on with her life, when one day she got a text message asking for her forgiveness. She knew it was from him. She knew she could not bear another breakdown. But she was forced to reply back after some hundreds of “sorry messages” and she called him up. She had to know the reason for the whole drama.  He asked for her forgiveness and apologized many a times. She forgave him but she had lost her faith in love since that day, therefore she gave him an option of just being friends and nothing more. He accepted it.

She had been friends with him since last 8 months and they talked only once in that duration of time. Today was just another day till she saw an Engagement Announcement on Facebook and her heart sank. Tears started to roll down her neck.




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  1. My sweet Aditi, what an incredibly moving story that is. Even I felt emotional by the end. It’s highly similar to the deal with my friend Sarah. Alarmingly similar in places – Sometimes I think a friendship breaking up is just as emotionally taxing as a normal relationship. The heart sinking when you see their relationship change, that’s the part I can really relate too. Even though I’m eternally grateful to be with Milky and I love her more then words can express, when I found out that Sarah had a new BF, and then shortly after they got engaged, it really knocked me about I lost sleep, didn’t eat, and cried more then I’ve ever cried in my life. She’s since broken up with him, but our friendship is far from what it used to be – we were almost inseparably close and even though we weren’t ever proper Bf-Gf, we acted like it all the time. The closeness and intimacy if you like was there, and just like you, life seemed perfect, then I met Milky. I never did think that Sarah was as OK as she made out to be with me and Milky. I almost feel guilty about it. Now she’s gone off her own way, we still talk but in comparison to what it was before, it’s nothing, or next to nothing.

    So, if this post is about yourself, then I’m almost at a loss for words. Try to keep your chin up. I’m sending you a big cyber-hug and lots of love!

    • Aww Dan, I am sorry you had to feel something like this. Well if you are deeply madly in love with someone, breaking up is the worst thing that can ever happen. It gets more difficult if you are involved not just physically but emotionally as well. I heard somewhere that “it takes at least half of the time while you were together, to move on”. And even if you end up together again things are never same. That knot stays. Well, I wish that no one has to go through such sort of stuff.
      No this was not my story but it definitely has shades of one of my friend’s story.
      Thanks for dropping by. Hugs

  2. Hmm not sure where you are from but I reckon you could do with a few English feminist comedeinnes to give you some perspective. Bless your heart, great story but your leading character needs some empowerment. That moment in life where she stands up and says.’ I am who I am, I am a wonderful person, cross me if you dare!!!’ or ‘ I am woman, I am strong, I can live my life like I want,,, and maybe actually , you don’t feature in it….’
    There is a world out there and you have to grab it by the horns and be yourself! Be Strong my friend, you can, believe me you can M x

    • Marie, Honestly it took me quite sometime to get the feel of your comment. 🙂 Well you are right, the main character of the story needed to hold herself up but you know what that is the most difficult thing sometimes. The main character holds some instances from one of my friends life, so I had to do justice to it.
      Women are strong, and i totally second your comment, in fact it inspired me to write something on those lines, hoping to do that soon. But, if only life was that easy 🙂 We all are survivor in one way or another, aren’t we?

  3. Finally I have been able to reach this post.. read it on my mail but not sure why the link was not working….

    Loved this one… Honestly it takes loads of heart to be friend with the person u loved the most. Its easier to forgive and move on rather then forgive and build on a new friendship….

    After a long time, this post touch the cord which I not often express…

    thanks for posting this 🙂

    • Ahan , Things can never ever be same. Past will meddle with the affair. Thanks for visiting once again.

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